Our Story

Based in Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Apteryx Kiwi NFTs is the culmination of the interest of a family who have collected kiwi objects for 25 years, a total of 320, forming a unique collection.

Curious to explore this national icon in the 1990s, John and Lesley roamed tourist shops in Auckland and then started searching TradeMe (a New Zealand online marketplace). And there they were—kiwi in differing forms and in a range of materials. John and Lesley set alerts for different categories, scanning the floor, and gradually the collection grew—the shell-covered homemade kiwi, the tourist-shop 3D kiwi, the salt-and-pepper-shaker kiwi, the metal, wooden, furry, and sleek silver kiwi, etc.

Now in 2021 after a year long interest in NFTs, we came together to create the Apteryx Kiwi NFT Art project based on this rare physical collection with the view to later selling the physical object collection.


Lockdown garden makeshift studio

A family NFT project, born in 100 days of lockdown in Auckland, NZ. Here we are taking photos which are the basis of the NFT art. Makeshift lockdown studio setup in the back yard.

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