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How to buy NFTs

In general you need a wallet like Metamask and some Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency in that wallet to buy an NFT.

  1. Setup Wallet

    You will need a MetaMask wallet to connect and mint NFTs. Install the MetaMask Chrome extension. It is best to use desktop and Chrome or Firefox browser. Here is a link to MetaMask’s FAQ that can answer a majority of your questions and help you set things up properly.
    Security is extremely important so always check the website addresses you are interacting with.

  2. Buying Ethereum (ETH)

    Now you need to buy and or send some ETH to your wallet. Send it to your metamask wallet you have already created (Get the public wallet address by clicking on the name of the account in the metamask extension).

    BUY with fiat: The best place to buy Ethereum (ETH) in New Zealand is Easy Crypto. In Australia, Easy Crypto. For others try Coinbase or other popular exchanges.

    Our NFTs are on Ethereum, and you will need to pay a small transaction fee (referred to as “gas”) to the Ethereum network to mint the NFT as well as the price of the NFT. So, make sure you have enough in your wallet plus some extra to cover varying gas prices.(Current gas prices found here). Apteryx NFT mint price is .175 eth

    You can optionally directly deposit Eth to your MetaMask wallet or use a popular exchanges like Binance, or a service like Moonpay to acquire ETH.

  3. Transfer Ethereum

    You will need to transfer your newly acquired ETH from Easy Crypto, Coinbase etc to your MetaMask wallet. Please follow their guides for sending ETH to your wallet address (starts with “0x” - get the address from Metamask by clicking on the account name in the browser extension to get your public wallet address). Once transferred, you will be ready to mint NFTs. Congratulations that was the hard part.

  4. Mint an Apteryx Kiwi NFT

The after-sale of Apteryx is possible in 'regular' marketplaces like OpenSea and others. Trading on these market places is subject to the fees and royalties of the respective marketplace.

Like any new technology, there are lots of scams in the NFT space. Here are a few ways you can keep yourself safe:

Seed phrase and passwords

Keep everything secure and do not share any of this information with anyone. Write it down in a safe place, your seed phrase is like a master key to your wallet, no one will ever ask you for it. NEVER share this with anyone. If your seed phrase has been compromised, don’t panic! You will need to quickly transfer everything (crypto and NFTs) to another wallet. Unfortunately, this will cost you in transfer fees and is also a stressful situation to be in.


Don’t click links!

You will have scams sent to you on discord, social media, and emails. Do not click on any unverified links! Make sure to always go through a project's official links to get to their website/mint page or any other giveaways they might have. If an NFT is airdropped into your wallet and you don’t know who it is from, do not touch it. You don’t need to remove it, just don’t interact with it at all. Consider using a cold wallet. A cold wallet is a physical device (like a USB) that allows you to store your assets offline. Keeping your holdings offline will help protect you from any hacking or online attacks. Ledger and Trezor are commonly used.


Trust your instincts.

When investing, make sure to do your own research and don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. Look after yourself. Remember to look after your own well-being. It’s important to take regular screen breaks and time for yourself - we’ll all be here for you when you come back!

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