The Apteryx Kiwi Collection

A collectible piece of iconic Kiwi culture. In the beginning there was a rare as IRL physical collection of 320 unique Kiwi objects. Now these collectable Kiwi objects are transformed into iconic art NFTS. Our artist Kezia photographed them, then manifested some cool Kiwi art to live on the blockchain. They transformed into zombies, glass, dissolved into space and melded with the stars. You can now collect these very unique Apteryx Kiwi NFTs.

Apteryx Kiwi IRL
Physical Collection

The kiwi objects were carefully collected over 25 years, and occur in a range of sizes and materials— metal, wood, crystal, ceramic, wax, etc. Some are one-offs, others mass produced using a variety of technologies.
NFT owners have a chance to win one of these Kiwis! Get a piece of Kiwi culture.

NFT owners have a chance to win one of these Kiwis! Get a piece of Kiwi culture.

Apteryx Kiwi NFTs

Apteryx Kiwi NFTs is the culmination of the interest of a family who have collected kiwi objects for 25 years — a collection of individually made Kiwi NFTs — unique digital collectables that will live forever on the Ethereum blockchain.
Apteryx Kiwi NFTs are handmade in Photoshop from photographs of items in the IRL collection. Art for each NFT was individually made by Kezia. 

Apteryx is the scientific name for the kiwi, the floor-dwelling flightless native bird of Aotearoa/New Zealand. And just like the real world kiwi, these Apteryx Kiwi NFTs are unique. Although real kiwi are flightless, these NFTs may fly!
We’ll be giving away:

  • Special animation NFTs, revealing the physical kiwis behind the art, to some randomly selected owners.
  • IRL physical Kiwi objects to lucky owners. 
Individually made 1/1 art
Artwork based on IRL physical objects
Collected & created by a family of 4
Made in Aotearoa/ New Zealand
A rare collection made over 25 years
we give to animal welfare charities
Perks of Ownership
Apteryx Kiwi Art NFT

A handmade artwork based on a physical Kiwi photo. Great PFPs.

Special animation NFTs

Some randomly selected NFT owners will receive a special animated NFT - revealing the physical kiwi behind the art.

Win an IRL Kiwi

A chance to win an actual physical kiwi object!

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